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Exploring Cyprus Through Your Lens with Car Rentals

exporing cyprus through your lens with car rentals

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea that can excite many photography enthusiasts. The adventure can begin from the Larnaca airport towards all corners around the beautiful island with the help of your own car rental. Here you can learn more about exploring Cyprus through your lens with car rentals.

  1. Paphos’ Coastal Charm

Firstly, you can start your journey towards Paphos. It’s approximately one and a half hours from Larnaca airport. In the city of Paphos, you will find a blend of history and nature. You can capture the popular Aphrodite Rock during the breathtaking sunset, and you can also visit the archaeological park and the ancient ruins against the sea.

2. Troodos Mountains’ Tranquillity

The Troodos Mountains are approximately one and a half to two hours away depending on the destination of Troodos you would like to visit. The natural landscape of Troodos offers a charm like no other. You can capture the picturesque and traditional villages and admire the beautiful architecture.

3. Cape Greco’s Coastal Drama

Cape Greco is a destination near Ayia Napa and it’s approximately a forty-five-minute drive from Larnaca. A landscape lake paradise where you can photograph the limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters and magical sea caves.

exporing cyprus through your lens with car rentals

4. Larnaca Salt Lake’s Avian Beauty

Only a short drive from Larnaca’s airport, you will come across the beautiful Salt Lake. Depending on the time of year, you will be able to observe and photograph different birds, such as flamingos and ducks. If you are able to experience the sunset, that will make your experience even more surreal.

If you are a beginner in photography, then here you can learn a few tips that can help you capture amazing photographs:

  • Wide Angles and Landscapes: Use wide angles to capture expansive scenes.
  • Polarizing Filters: Intensify colours and reduce reflections with filters.
  • Composition: Employ leading lines, symmetry, and the rule of thirds for striking compositions.
  • Weather and Seasons: Adapt your photography to Cyprus’ changing moods.

Cyprus is a beautiful place to visit if you are interested in photography. You will be able to find so many capturing destinations around the island. So, make sure to book your Car Rental and photograph all their amazing landscapes.