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You have arrived in Cyprus and want to hire a car to explore this beautiful island? Then look no further!

Located in Larnaca International Airport, we offer a great range of vehicles and excellent customer service. Hire a Larnaca Airport Car Rental, pick it up as soon as you arrive on the island, and return it just before you get on the plane!

Our Cars

Book your car rental today and start planning all your adventures around the island of Cyprus with Larnaca Airport Car Rental.


larnaca airport car rental

Toyota Yaris

Starting from: €35.00 / day
Category: Compact

Engine: 1300cc
Fuel: Petrol
Seats: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Luggage: 3
Extras: A/C, CD player, airbags
larnaca airport car rental

Nissan Serena

Starting from: €80.00 / day
Category: Peoples’ Carrier

Engine: 2000cc
Fuel: Petrol
Seats: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Luggage: 3
Extras: A/C, CD player, airbags
larnaca airport car rental

Hyundai Tucson

Starting from: €70.00 / day

Engine: 1700cc
Fuel: Diesel
Seats: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Luggage: 5
Extras: A/C, CD player, airbags
nissan note

Nissan Note

Starting from: €30.00 / day

Engine: 1300cc
Fuel: Petrol
Seats: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Luggage: 4
Extras: A/C, CD player, airbags
mazda premacy

Mazda Premacy

Starting from: €55.00 / day
Peoples’ Carrier

Engine: 2000cc
Fuel: Petrol
Seats: 7
Transmission: Automatic
Luggage: 2
Extras: A/C, CD player, airbags

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles to suit your needs. Our cars come in a variety of sizes and styles, including luxury sedans, SUVs, and minivans. And with our state-of-art GPS systems and comprehensive coverage, you can rest assured that you will get where you need to go safely and efficiently.

* Please note that prices may vary depending on the booking period.

Hire a Larnaca Airport Car Rental and explore the island, without the hassle of public transportation.

Our Car Rental Company


Larnaca Airport Car Rental offers a variety of vehicles to suit everyone’s needs, in a range of sizes and styles. We also offer helpful tips and recommendations for popular sightseeing destinations across the island, giving you an insider’s guide to all of the must-see attractions.

Great Customer Care

We pride ourselves on offering customers superior service. With our extensive fleet of modern cars, including everything from compact economy models to spacious SUVs, we are able to meet the transportation needs of everyone.

Experienced Staff

Our trained and highly experienced staff at Larnaca Airport Car Rental is here to provide each customer with unmatched professionalism and expertise. Our vehicles are regularly checked and serviced by experienced mechanics to ensure they remain in top condition.

High-quality Vehicles

We understand the importance of providing our customers with high-quality, reliable vehicles. Whether you are planning a long road trip or simply want to explore the city, we have the cars you need to get around with ease.

Driving a Car in Cyprus

Driving a car in Cyprus is surely the most efficient and dependable way of getting around the island. When it comes to driving in Cyprus, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind. The first thing you need to always keep in mind is that drivers in Cyprus drive on the left side of the road.

If you pay attention to the local traffic regulations and have good driving habits, then you can have an enjoyable and smooth driving experience when hitting the roads of Cyprus. Drivers need to be aware of the layout of the roads and be familiar with the local traffic laws.

Our Rental Cars

Car ModelPeriod:
01.11 - 31.03
01.04 - 31.06
01.07 - 31.10
Hyundai i10€25€28€30Manual
Kia Picanto / Hyundai i10€30€33€35Auto
Volkswagen Polo€30€33€35Manual
Mazda 2 / Nissan Note€30€35€40Auto
Skoda Fabia / Suzuki Swift€30€35€40Auto
Kia Rio / Honda Fit€35€40€45Auto
Toyota Yaris / Suzuki Ignis€35€40€45Auto
Honda Fit / Toyota Yaris / Toyota Prius€40€45€50Hybrid
Toyota Corolla Hatch€55€60€65Hybrid
Toyota Camry / Toyota Corolla Sedan€50€55€60Hybrit
Mazda Premacy€50€55€60Auto
Hyundai Tucson / Kia Sportage€70€75€80Auto
Nissan Serena€80€85€90Auto


We are located at the arrivals department of Larnaca International Airport. It is located just 6 km from the city centre. Larnaca is within a short 30-45 minutes drive from the cities of Limassol and Nicosia. Hiring a Larnaca Airport Car Rental is the best way to explore the island and enjoy your stay.

Book your car rental today with Larnaca Airport Car Rental and enjoy the ride.

larnaca airport car rental


What documents do I need to rent a car?

To rent a car, you will need a valid driver’s license, a credit card in the name of the main driver, and a valid passport or identification document. You must bring these documents with you when you come to pick up your rental car.

Is it possible to add an additional driver to the rental agreement?

Of course, we actually recommend this so that someone else is covered in case the primary driver cannot drive for any reason. The additional driver must meet the same age and documentation requirements as the primary driver.

What about the fuel?

We provide our rental cars with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental. You are responsible for returning the car with a full tank as well. If you return the car with less fuel, you will be charged for the missing fuel. In rare cases, the tank may not be full. In such case, you should return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was given to you.

What happens if I return the rental car late?

We allow a time window for late returns. If you anticipate being late, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can make suitable arrangements. Additional charges may apply based on the length of the delay etc.


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Why Hire a Car?

If you plan on travelling to Cyprus, you may find that relying on public transportation or using local taxis isn’t always feasible. With its roads and remote stunning locations, Cyprus can be a difficult place to navigate without hiring a car.

The advantages of renting a car in Cyprus are numerous, from the faster and more flexible travel. Not only you will be able to reach more remote destinations, but you also can stop and explore on your own terms rather than being tied down by rigid schedules and pickup times. Whether you want to hit the beach, visit historical sites, or simply relax and have a short road trip at one of the many local wineries, having access to your own car makes it all possible.